A Little About Me

I am lucky to be the co-founder of Webconnex, a rapidly growing tech company based in Sacramento. Our tiny team makes software that powers events and charitable giving across the country. To date, our software has processed over $2 Billion dollars and reaches millions of people every month. We have done it all without a single penny of venture capital.

I am exceptionally passionate about startups and ideas. The first company I ever started came from the dorm room just a year before graduation day, called Vision Launchers – a company that helps people get their ideas off the ground. Over the years, we helped start or launch hundreds of ideas, startups, and companies – including some I co-founded with friends and maintain today.

I am fortunate to have encountered several amazing people who went out of their way to shape my life. I have listed them on my heroes page. I would not be who I am without these amazing individuals.

I regularly speak on startups and entrepreneurship for various organizations, events and podcasts. Recently, I have been named as one of the top entrepreneurship thought leaders on Twitter by Forbes and Inc and named as a top 40 under 40 by Business Journal.

Far beyond my love of startups and entrepreneurship is my devotion to my faith and love for Jesus. I founded a faith community called Epic Life where I have been preaching and teaching for 10 years. Recently, I published my first theology on the Will of God.

My greatest achievement to date is the life I share with my wife Camille and our two children, Scarlett and Maverick. My highest ambition in life is to be the best husband and father possible while pursuing big ideas, dreams and visions.

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My Quick Story

I was born in the Pacific Northwest in a little town called Troutdale just 25 minutes outside of Portland. I spent my childhood on a 26 acre property where my Dad taught me the valuable lessons of work and reward. For every shiny new accessory I wanted for my motocross hobby, I could choose from a variety of jobs available on the farm.

My Dad fanned the flame of my creativity and encouraged me to seize opportunities to create micro businesses. From selling the family corn on a street corner to tying fly fishing flies for family friends, I learned I could create and shape my future.

As a teenager, I swept floors for my dream motocross company until I convinced them to hire me as a freelance graphic designer and web developer. Arlan Lehman at LRD gave me the most amazing opportunity to learn my skills and use them in the real world.

I attended college at Westmont College where I dropped out of accounting and was told I would never succeed in business. That was until my friend and cofounder John Russell shared a cigar with me to tell me my professor was full of crap and that entrepreneurs don’t need to be acountants – they hire accountants.

I graduated Westmont with a petitioned major for Entrepreneurship and Design and married my wife 3 months later while going full time into my first venture, Vision Launchers. It would be 5 years and many dozen ventures later before John Russell and I teamed up for Webconnex.

Along the way, my local church gave me an opportunity to lead a young adult gathering in Sacramento, where I started Epic Life and experienced the most amazing 10 years of growth in my life – being disciplined and coached by Chad Everett, Dwight Hill and Eric Waterbury.

I consider myself one of the luckiest men on the planet and am thankful for every day I live.


Some Fun Facts About Me

I am colorblind.

I hate running.

My voicemail box is permanently full.

Group text messages are from satan.

I eat bacon for breakfast every morning.

I love motocross.

My favorite food is Taco Bell (and I don’t care what you think)

I play piano and guitar but cannot read sheet music.

I occasionally drive a scooter with a sidecar (with dog or kids inside).

I spend a month in Santa Barbara every year.

I cannot read more than 20 minutes at a time.

My siblings include a rockstar musician and a professional athlete.