Here are a handful of people who have made an exceptional marking on my life.

Greg Knopf


I owe so much to my Father who taught me to be an entrepreneur at a young age, always encouraged my dreams and most importantly, demonstrated what it is means to live a life of character and integrity. The older I get the more I realize what an incredible upbringing I had.

Phil Voth

Junior High Mentor

The first non-lame Christian I ever knew. Phil would take me along with three friends every other week to Dairy Queen and talk about the Bible and skateboard. He was the coolest guy I ever looked up to.

Rick McKinley

Junior High Mentor

Rick was my very first youth group leader. He was the first person to make the things of God accessible to a snotty nosed teenager. His sense of humor and wild approach to ministry has stuck with me ever since.

Arlan Lehman

First Boss

Arlan could be responsible for starting my digital design career. At age 13, I drew a motocross picture that he asked to make into the company T-shirt for LRD Performance. I learned everything from business cards, catalogs to websites working for LRD.

Britt Merrick

College Pastor

Britt was my college group pastor while attending Westmont College. His teaching and leadership had a profound impact on me as I entered my young adult years. He is responsible for developing my hunger for studying the Bible.

Sean Lionello

College Mentor

Sean mentored and discipled me during my college years. He walked me through some of the most challenging and pivotal times of my life providing sound wisdom and discernment when I needed it most.

John Russell

Friend, Mentor, Business Partner

John was a friend and mentor to me in my college days and saved my dreams of entrepreneurship from being squashed by an accounting professor who told me I would never succeed in business. John imparted his competitive drive and entrepreneurial spirit to me and guided me as I started my first business.

Chad Everett

Friend and Mentor

Chad encountered my life when I was newly married and struggling to sort out the path of becoming a strong leader in the market and at home. We would get together once a week and he would impart profound words of wisdom every time.

Dwight Hill


Dwight was by far the most knowledgeable person about the Bible I have ever known. He visited our office every month for 7 years to host regular Bible studies. He is responsible for helping develop a relentless morning routine and for inspiring my love of scripture memorization. Dwight passed away April 2014.

Rick Cole

Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor of Capital Christian Center, he and Doug Reid gave me the opportunity to start and lead a young adult ministry at the church. They gave me a blank sheet of paper to try, explore, succeed and fail at any idea I had.

Doug Reid

Pastor, Friend

Doug along with Rick Cole saw potential in me before I did. They welcomed me to take chances, dream big and learn the craft of teaching and preaching. Doug helped make all my ambitions and wild ideas happen.

Eric Waterbury

Friend and Mentor

Eric intervened in my life and helped me become a powerful person in every area of my life. From helping my life work on a practical level to developing personal authority, Eric is the definition of iron sharpening iron. He has helped me realize and reach my potential.