I’m wildly passionate about ideas and bringing things into existence.

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a dreamer, visionary and someone who once gets an idea in my head cannot let it go. I believe creating is our part of being made in the image of a Creator (hear me talk about that here and here).

Below is a collection of companies, causes, ideas, and side projects that I am involved in — likely with an extremely talented side kick or two.


At Webconnex, we make the world’s most flexible fundraising and event management software products.
Founded in late 2008, I co-founded Webconnex with my long time friend and mentor John Russell.
Webconnex is loved by thousands of organizations, reaches millions of people every month and has been used to process over $1B dollars to date. We’re bootstrapped, have declined every opportunity for venture capital to date, and are surrounded by nearly 40 of the world’s most brilliant, talented and wonderful people in the world

Our Event and Fundraising Products at Webconnex

Event organizers around the world are choosing TicketSpice for its unmatched feature set and flexibility. TicketSpice is in a league of its own and powers everything from conferences to state fairs, music concerts, festivals, zoos, museums, attractions, college sports, musical performances and much more.
Every day global brands are choosing RegFox to power their events because our unique combination of powerful features and ultra simplicity. At only 99 cents an attendee, RegFox is putting serious cash back in our customers pockets. RegFox is perfect for conventions, conferences, classes, retreats, camps, schools and so much more. No event is too complicated for RegFox.
Amazing organizations and causes are turning to GivingFuel to make their fundraising dreams come true. GivingFuel offers unparalleled customization so organizations can create powerful fundraising campaigns that work. And with a flat low monthly fee, GivingFuel is a fraction of the cost of other providers.
RedPodium is changing the registration game for event organizers who produce running, cycling, triathlon and walk events. With our advanced feature-set and unparalleled customization, RedPodium is like having your own in-house system without employing an army of programmers. RedPodium helps you break free of the molds, cookie cutters and traditional constraints of other race systems while adding tens of thousands more to the bottom line.

Vision Launchers is where it all started for me. Back in the dorm room with Mario Kart playing in the background, Vision Launchers was started as a company that starts companies. In short, we bring ideas to life and build contagious brands. Since the founding in 2003, Vision Launchers has helped start or grow over 200 ideas, companies and campaigns. Now under the leadership of Russell Breton and David Martinelli, Vision Launchers continues to win awards for outstanding results in a wide range of industries.


About Our Work

In today’s social economy, marketing tools must be coupled with a strategy that drives consumer connection both online and offline. Brands can no longer rely on marketing to a tribe; they must become part of the tribe. Vision Launchers helps build companies to connect their customers like never before.

Established in 2005, MXSponsor is the industry's leading sponsorship platform connecting over 100,000 athletes to industry sponsorships.


How it works

MXSponsor.com is the fastest and easiest way for motocross riders to get sponsored. Since 2005, MXSponsor has been used to establish over 2 million sponsorship deals. MXSponsor.com is used by most motocross companies and has the biggest sponsorships of any other site. We're so confident a rider will broker a sponsorhip deal, the site is 100% free until the first deal is signed.

The Five Fold Ministry is a framework for christians to reveal strengths and giftedness. The Five Fold Ministry Test has been taken over 200,000 times.

How it works

The Five Fold Ministry is a free personal assessment to discover your God-given strengths. The test asks you situational questions that you measure how closely it reflects you. After completing the questions, the test scores you according to Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher. Over 1000 people per week take the test and it’s been taken in over 180 countries.


Epic Life is a faith community with a mission to transform your faith. Too many people reduce their faith down to rules, regulations and where they go on any particular Sunday. That is not the life Jesus died for you to have. Epic Life produces monthly live gatherings, weekly podcasts and daily truths. Our content reaches over 1,000,000 people every month. Our community started in late 2007 and is led by myself and Eric Waterbury.


Who We Are

We radically love people. We are awakening people to God. We are hungry for growth. We are revealing people’s giftings. We are young, diverse and dangerous. We are world changers. We are not content in staying the same. We are hungry to grow deeper in faith, love and hope. We believe all things are possible and believe you too are a powerful person who can be more. We have groups, programs and gatherings to help everyone reach his or her potential.

Ever since being mentored by the late Dwight Hill, scripture memorization has been an influential part of my life. The problem is memorizing scripture sucks. Armed with Truth gives you powerful scripture in the form of temporary tattoos that are placed on the insides of your arms allowing you to memorize scripture anytime and anywhere. They are fashionable and effective. Armed with Truth was started in a hotel lobby at 1am with buddy Mike Mueller who has grown Armed with Truth into a renown kingdom brand.


Can you write down 100 dreams? It's harder than you think.


DreamManager.org is an free service to inspire people to chronicle their dreams.
Thousands of people use the dream manager to create, categorize and track their dreams. Dreams can be share them friends and you can follow the progress of your friend’s dreams. When a dream is fulfilled, you can share it with the world and be celebrated by the community.


Understand the Will of God

This book contains the discovery and explanation of every passage on the Will of God in the Bible. The truth will change what you believe about God and what you believe about you.


Blocks for Humanity converts biowaste into affordable housing blocks for the poorest countries on earth. After working in El Salvador for 5 years while rebuilding a school, we set out to try and and develop an alternative to the cinderblock. The block we have been developing is pressed using low tech machinery into a stackable building block. After a few years of development, we have shelved the project. Contact me if you are interested in this project and want to help overcome some of the obstacles.


Misc Ventures and Projects

There are a handful of side projects and web apps I’ve build over the years.

1000 Acts of Kindness (link)
PurposeBuilder (link)
TextSender (coming soon)
FollowAlong (coming soon)