My Favorite Books

These books are the ones that have most shaped my and would recommend them to anyone.

Books on Business, Startups and Innovation

Rework – A great book on breaking out of the conventional business mindset.

Getting Real – The first book I read on building a software company. Amazing.

Crossing the Chasm – A must read for software / tech businesses for growth.

Rules for Revolutionaries – Great book if your business has an entrenched competitor.

Making Vision Stick – How to communicate your vision (and have them remember)

Made to Stick – Making your ideas and communication memorable.

Start with Why – Why companies like Apple have a cult following and how to do the same.

Business Model Generation – The best book on developing a successful business model.

Getting to Plan B – How the best businesses never get it right on the first try.

Visioneering – Developing and understanding vision (great faith perspective)

Crush It – A great read for anyone getting started on their passion as a business.

4 Hour Work Week – one of my favorites. Phenomenal on helping get your first business started.

The Little Black Book of Innovation – Great for people who want to develop the art of thinking differently.

Measure What Matters – How the biggest companies shipped the biggest and best products that changed the world.

Books on Personal Development & Leadership

Boundaries – Absolutely essential book for every human being on earth.

Leadership and Self Deception – how you might be the problem and you don’t even know it.

5 Dysfunction of a Team – understanding dynamics among people so you can build a thriving culture.

LinchPin – Making yourself invaluable to those around you.

The Road Back To You – Guide to understanding enneagram and you.

The Enneagram Made Easy – Simple read to understand yourself and others.

Strengths Finder 2.0 – Discovering your strengths and how to thrive professionally.

Friendship Factor – The easiest read ever to help you develop meaningful relationships.

Axiom – Simple and insightful leadership proverbs based on true stories.

Freedom of Simplicity – A great read for not letting the complex world ruin your life.

Books on Faith, Theology and Spirituality

Keyword Study Bible (NASB) – What I read from every day. It has an embedded Greek and Hebrew translation and concordance so you can look up almost any word.

Understanding the Whole Bible – What you get in the first 45 minutes of this book is better than many 4 years of Bible colleges.

Misunderstood God – One of my all time favorites. Broke the lies that religion tells us.

Lectures to My Students – Brilliant writings and thoughts by the Brilliant Spurgeon. A must for pastors or would be pastors.

Mission Critical – The best daily devotion I have ever read. A must for leaders in business.

Sit Walk Stand – Foundational book for every believer to understand your position with God and your spiritual journey.

The Word, The Name, The Blood – Great book on understanding the power of the word, name and blood or Jesus.

Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind – Breaking free of the conventional thinking about your faith in God.

Culture of Honor – Building a culture of faith, transformation and honor that sustains.

The Root of the Righteous –  A classic from A.W Tozer.

Fashioned to Reign – Astounding read on Women and Ministry.

The Gospel in 10 Words – One of my favorites. Easy read and is a must for every believer.

The Gospel in 20 Questions – Another favorite – so much clarity to God’s character and nature.

Creating Mission Culture – How to change culture using the Five Fold Ministry

Raptureless – Redefining what you believe about the end times. Must read for any eschatology nerds.

Topical Memory System – How to begin memorizing the Bible’s most important topics.

Books on Teaching / Communication

StoryBrand – The most foundational shift for how I communicate came from this model.

On Writing Well – A must read for any writer and communicator.

The Elements of Style – How to engage your audience with your own voice.

How to Write Copy That Sells – A secret weapon of ours for business communication.