7 Annoying Things People Do When Trying To Contact Someone

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I am a pretty relaxed person when it comes to persistent communication, but there are a few things that people do occasionally that put them on my mud list. Here are 7 annoying things people do when trying to contact someone. Or maybe they are just things that annoy me.

1: Leaving Someone a Voicemail.

This is 2019. Seriously, why do we have voicemail anymore? Personally, I would less annoyed with a fax than a voicemail. When someone leaves me a voice mail, it feels like they have given me an errand. Fortunately my voicemail box is full (intentionally) and now no one can leave any more.

2: Sending A Text That You Left A Voicemail

“Did you get my voicemail?” could be the worst 5 words in existence. If you take the time to text someone, tell them what you need instead of telling them to check their voicemails.

3: Multiple Same Day Followups

People live busy lives and sometimes are out of connection or simply haven’t gotten to you yet. If you really want to annoy someone, followup with them multiple times in one day.

4: Forwarding A Past Email Resend

One way to show you are an insufferable human being is to forward a prior email without any follow-up note. If someone didn’t reply to your email, kindly followup and ask. Don’t just go to your sent items, hit forward and then send. That’s just weird (and lazy).

5: Asking for a Read Receipt

How passive aggressive is this feature … A read receipt that someone opened your email? That annoys me and gets you instantly on my mud list.

6: The Bait and Switch

“Hey, I would love to reconnect and see how you are doing” has become code for “Hey, I am part of new networking marketing business and want to sell you on it.” Don’t disguise your intention.

7: Shock and Awe

When you leave a voicemail, send an email, send a text, and send a private message on social media in a single day. You might need to be checked out if do this.

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