What Do We Believe About The Cross? Was Jesus Punished In Our Place?

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One of the most troubling narratives in my faith was the belief that Jesus’s death on the cross was our own punishment of sins upon Jesus. In other words, the Father’s wrath aimed for man was poured out onto His Son. Not only is this narrative unbiblical, it estranges us from the Father’s heart. Listen to this message from Epic Life.

Who you believe God to be is the most important thing about you. In this second part of this series, Eric preaches how the belief that Jesus was punished for our sins on the Cross is troubling. This punishment narrative is not only harmful to God the Father’s character, but is also an unreliable interpretation of the Bible. Instead, Jesus died on the Cross to create a new covenant of forgiveness.

This matters because so many of us have a different view of the character and nature between Jesus than the Father. Jesus came to reveal the Father and is the perfect image of Him. When we have fear of the Father, we are not perfected in love and believing the Father punished Jesus on the Cross contributes to our unexplained fear.

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