10 Fun (and cruel) Ways To Prank Someone’s Facebook

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Not long ago, I was at the Apple store looking to buy a computer only to find out that people don’t buy computers at the Apple store – it’s just a free place everyone goes to check their facebook.

Anyways, when I was testing a computer to buy, I noticed the last person on the computer never logged out of their facebook account. I must admit I was tempted to teach someone a valuable (and painful) lesson to never to forget to log out of facebook. I had mercy on the  poor soul, but here are the 10 things I was tempted to do.  

1) Upload a picture of a positive pregnancy test.

2) Add Osama Bin Laden as an Uncle.

3) Change their occupation to “Conspiracy Theorist.”

4) Tag a picture of a Porta Potty with as many friends as possible.

5) If they are single, change their status to engaged to a random friend. If they are in a relationship, change their status to single.

6) Search for all the fan pages for zombies you can and like all of them.

7) Block all their listed family members.

8) Create an event called “I’m Moving To Africa” and invite all their friends.

9) Go through their newsfeed and at every post from a friend, comment “That’s what she said.”

10) Change all their listed education places to Sesame Street.

Have some good ones? Share them with me in the comments below.

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