Never Miss Stopping At A Child’s Lemonade Stand

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Recently, I noticed a couple kids selling lemonade on the side of the street as I was heading to an appointment. As soon as I saw these two young kids around the age of 5, I knew I had to stop. I once was them…

I probably was a similar age when I asked my dad if I could take some of the family corn and create a table at the corner of our neighborhood. My plan was to sell 10 ears of corn for a dollar. I collected the corn, made my sign, set my table and began selling.

That day I eared about $10 between a handful of driveby patrons. More valuable than the $10 was what happened inside of me: the realization that I could come up with an idea and be successful at it if I worked at it. My meager $10 gave me hope in my efforts. It was seemingly insignificant moments like these that gave me the courage to become an entrepreneur.

Because of my first roadside stand, I HAVE to stop every time I see a couple kids selling lemonade. On this particular day I passed by the two young kids holding their ‘Fresh Organic Lemonade’ sign and heard them yell out, ‘Fresh Lemonade!’ I immediately put on the breaks and pulled over.

Instantly I heard cries of jubilation as the one little girl yelled to her brother, “We got one! We got one! We got one!”

I paid a dollar for two cups of lemonade. Sure, the lemonade was made from powder and very watery. Who cares. For a dollar, I had just made their day. I snapped a quick photo of them and told them that I became an entrepreneur from starting a roadside stand just like them. They couldn’t believe it.

Here’s the lesson I learned… for a dollar, we often can fulfill a young child’s dream and increase hope in their life by simply pulling over. It has nothing to do with the money or the product. It has everything to do with rewarding the initiative to take a chance with their ideas.

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